Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Using Halloween in the Classroom

So Halloween is this Monday, and that receives mixed reviews from those in Australia. Some consider it a good excuse to get dressed up and have some fun with friends, while others consider it to be an American holiday that should not be celebrated in Australia. I fall somewhere in the middle, I don't make a point to celebrate most years, but I don't dislike it.

Australian students also fall somewhere on this spectrum, often depending on what their parents think. However most kids are happy with anything that's a little bit fun and different.

In my classroom I like to switch up a couple of activities for Halloween themed ones. For example instead of my normal task cards I use themed Halloween ones. Students are still practising their numeracy skills, but I get to be the fun teacher for a bit!

Saturday, 1 October 2016

The Impact of Classroom Tour Videos

Have you been watching everyone's classroom tour videos? It's a trend that has really taken off this back to school season and I'm loving it. Not only is it great entertainment, but it gives teachers great new ideas and inspires them.

These videos are an example of why I believe the website Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) is really changing education. The majority of teachers posting videos of their new classrooms are sellers on TpT, or at the very least have used a selection of products from the site. The significance of this is that it demonstrates the community that is forming thanks to the site.

Sellers are getting to know each other, inspiring each other and challenging each other to create better resources for the classroom. It is no secret amongst teachers that it is a tough gig, and as we are typically the only adults in the room, it can be lonely. But TpT is allowing teachers to connect beyond the staff room (which let's face it, most days we don't have time to go there anyway). We can learn from each other by seeing what is being done in other classrooms and buying the resources to do it ourselves.

So if you haven't already seen these great videos and you're ready to be inspired, check out one of my favourites.